Doberman was founded almost two decades ago. Today, we are a leading design firm based in Stockholm, New York and at our think tank studio in Berlin.

Over the years we have nurtured a collaborative and people-focused culture because we believe that that fuels innovation. This culture brought the Swedish Minister for Employment to hand over the prize for Sweden’s Best Employer and our Managing Director to be appointed Sweden’s Service Innovator of the Year.

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    We are 72 people at Doberman. The youngest is 24 years old. The oldest 49. 30 of us share ownership. 1 of us has shot a moose.

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    We have been top three for eight years in the agency surveys made by DI and Resumé. Other awards we are especially proud of is for example the titan egg, the Design S and the award for best employer.

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    Doberman is one of the major owner of the international school and education company Hyper Island. We support them because we believe they are on to something about the future of education for design and innovation.

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    Doberman was founded a long, long time ago. The year was 1998. Britney Spears released her debut single about the same time. A great year.

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Doing the cha-cha
If you like what you do you excel at what you create. We like to play and try to integrate that with everything we do as a very, very, very serious philosophy.

Our approach

Magical, desirable, functional, relevant.

Our idea of value

The foundation for our work is a very simple idea. The more true value for the user – the more true value for the business. And true value for the user can only be achieved through great experiences. This is the core of our approach – taking products and services from a relevant idea and usable solution to a desirable product and magical experience. That is what we help our clients envision and navigate.

A model of what our touchpoints might look like

The design of eco-systems

A service experience is a chain of events, products and interactions in synergy with each other. What happens before you go to the web service or download the application? What happens afterward? What happens in between? And how can the organization and internal systems support that? Only a synchronized eco-system can deliver true service excellence to the customer.

That’s why our approach is two-fold, both crafting every touch point and designing the intangible experience as a whole. We help our clients with tools to map, coordinate and design the complete service journey both inside and outside of the digital landscape. In this process, we adapt the customer’s perspective to identify thresholds and opportunities. And equally important, we help our clients manage resources and processes behind the scenes so they align with both the service objective and user behavior.