The design
of everyday

We are an experience design firm founded on our clients’ needs to improve their offerings through digital products and services.

At Doberman, we innovate and design the digital interactions and related touchpoints that shape the complete product and service experience. Our assignments range from design of mobile applications and web services to innovation of multi touchpoint experiences. To get there we provide capabilities within three areas of expertise: Experience, Innovation and Insight.

  • Experience

    Multi touch point design

    Great product and service experiences are the result of many great details. Therefore, we are devoted to designing these details as well as the larger concepts that set the stage for them. Our design capabilities span from brand, interaction and technical design to crafting how the different touch points correspond with each other as a whole customer journey.

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  • Insight

    The art of empathy

    We provide insights to support our clients’ decision-making. Our approach integrates customer, technological and business research with the users behavior as the starting point. We conduct everything from interviews and user testing to co-design workshops and mystery shopping. The result always combines insights with a concrete course forward. We help our clients to act.

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  • Innovation

    The design of culture

    The challenge of innovation is not only to generate ideas – it is also a cultural challenge. We help our clients to identify their way forward and, equally important, how to establish a long-term culture and approach to innovation. We work in close collaboration to facilitate and inspire the process from research, workshops and opportunity mapping to the prototyping of new propositions.

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Our approach

Magical, desirable, functional, relevant.

Our idea of value

The foundation for our work is a very simple idea. The more true value for the user – the more true value for the business. And true value for the user can only be achieved through great experiences. This is the very core of our approach – taking products and services from a relevant idea and usable solution to a desirable product and magical experience. That is what we help our clients envision and navigate.

Transformation in action


True product and service innovation depends on the ability to engage and empower the people that deliver the experience: you. At Doberman we use the term Transformation to describe these challenges and our collaborative methods that assure true support for the organization as a whole.

Our approach is based on methodology for group dynamics and co-creation that support our clients in their transformational challenges ranging from workshop management and internal buy-in processes to internal education programs and recruitment.

A model of what our touchpoints might look like

The design of eco-systems

A service experience is a chain of events, products and interactions in synergy with each other. What happens before you go to the web service or download the application? What happens afterward? What happens in between? And how can the organization and internal systems support that? Only a synchronized eco-system can deliver true service excellence to the customer.

That’s why our approach is two-fold, both crafting every single touchpoint and designing the intangible experience as a whole. We help our clients with tools to map, coordinate and design the complete service journey both inside and outside of the digital landscape. In this process, we help our clients adapt their customers perspective and manage processes behind the scenes so they align with both the service objective and user behavior.


Methods as culture

Simply put, our methods characterize how we live, breathe and think. Our everyday approach is based on a collective library of methods for everything from user research and workshop facilitation to visual exploration. Our methodology is built on four basic cornerstones that fuels the philosophy behind our culture.

Absolute Collaboration, to utilize the collective minds and hearts of all parties involved. Constant Prototyping, to ensure that we look under every stone and that mistakes are made early rather than late. Customer Co-Creation, to be supportive of the users’ actual needs and behavior. And the fourth, Happiness as Strategy, to act on the belief that when people like what we do, they excel at what they create.