• Schools out for Summer

    Posted June 04, 2012

    7 weeks. 6 students. 2 briefs. Let the challenge begin!

    This summer Doberman will host six brilliant students in the Summer Design Office – “Sommardesignkontoret” – and support them in their effort to solve two complex design challenges during seven weeks. The initiative is arranged as an annual event by the The Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, SVID, and is now arranged in Stockholm for the first time.

    Doberman will host, coach and steer the students as they grapple two challenging briefs on mental health. In an environment where quantified self and data-driven motivation have become a foundation for physical health, how can design influence mental well-being and catch those susceptible before it becomes too late?

    These next 7 weeks will follow a user-centered process, listening to and building empathy for teenagers and employees as the students address the key questions put forward from their clients; Handisam and Psynk.

    We will be sure to keep you updated as things progress.
    Let the challenges begin!

    June 04, 2012

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    Therese Mannheimer
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  • A new monkey in a tree

    Posted November 02, 2015

    Eternal kid favorite Radioapan is back with a vengeance, and Doberman helped him climb his tree.

    A few years back we created the Radioapan-app for Swedish National Radio. Since then Radioapan has been a faithful buddy to Swedish kids, full of fun, games, songs and fairytales – the fourth most used app for kids 2-4 years, on tablet.
    Now we have created a sequel; the new app Radioapan’s Treehut, for kids aged 2 and up. The focus this time around is on listening. The app not only offers new games and songs; there are also new fairytales, with the opportunity of downloading more from SR’s existing content, which are then available off-line, to keep the app evolving over time.

    – This is one of those projects that feel a little special – to be a part of so many Swedish kids’ and families’ everyday lives, providing quality entertainment, makes us really proud, says Patricia Richter, Project Manager at Doberman.

    Within two days of release, the app was the number one downloaded free kids game app, and it even got reviewed in leading Swedish newspapers (glowingly, in case you wondered).

    November 02, 2015

    For more information, feel free to contact Johan Bernunger at johan.bernunger@doberman.se or call +46-709-27 52 12

  • Proof of the pudding

    Posted November 02, 2015

    Doberman tops Universum and Metrojobb’s yearly poll

    The truth is, apparently, really out there. Because Swedish employees have voted Doberman the best middle-sized place to work at in 2015. We are naturally extremely proud: having satisfied employees is vital to us, an integral part of our company culture and absolutely crucial to our success, so this is very strong proof that we are doing something right.

    This yearly poll of Sweden’s best employers is conducted by Universum and Metrojobb. More than 35 000 employees across all of Sweden and in all sorts of companies, grade their workplace on its internal identity as well as the employees’ own satisfaction with and loyalty towards their employer. Doberman’s score was 93,53 out of 100, which, of course, is good but still leaves a little room for improvement.

    – We, as a company, are our employees; we give them a lot of responsibility but also a lot of freedom, says Lisa Lindström, Doberman’s CEO, continuing: And we try to foster a culture that allows people to take charge of their own situation, to experiment and prototype in order to be successful and grow. Because we believe that as our employees grow, Doberman grows.

    November 02, 2015

    For more information, feel free to contact Lisa Lindström at lisa.lindstrom@doberman.se or call +46-709-27 52 52

    The full ranking can be found at Sveriges bästa arbetsgivare 2015

  • Tomorrow's retail today

    Posted September 04, 2015

    Lisa on stage at STHLM Tech Fest.

    When the top investors, start-ups, movers and shakers in the tech field gathered together for seminars, panels and talks over two hectic days in early September at STHLM Tech Fest, of course Doberman were there.

    Specifically they had asked our intrepid CEO Lisa Lindström to moderate the session entitled “Future of retail”, due to the experience we have in this field. The panel consisted of The Absolut Company’s Director of Trade Marketing, Telia Sweden’s CEO, the Head of Banking at Nordea, the CEO of Qliro Group as well as McDonald’s Chief Digital Officer globally. “The breadth of the panel made this a great opportunity to glean super interesting insights from ‘ground zero’ of the retail industry” said Lisa before taking to the stage and leading the discussions.

    So what did we learn?

    Physical stores. There seemed to be some consensus on the continued but evolving role of the classic brick-and-mortar stores where in the future it will shift more towards providing experiences and conversion. McDonald’s restaurant employees, for example, are asked to focus more on hospitality than convenience.

    All-pervasive changes. The whole panel also seemed to be in agreement that the changes in future retail, brought about by data optimization and new digital tools, need to resonate throughout the entire company for it to work.

    Future service. This was also touched upon in a discussion on the importance of service. The key for McDonald’s for example, is to discover what ‘convenience’ looks like tomorrow as more and more power is put into the hands of the consumers. Finding ways to make the transition between digital and physical truly effective in everyday situations was deemed to be a general concern for all panel member companies.

    Mobile retail. The Qliro CEO also talked about how growing mobile use is affecting retail, with ever-growing number of mobile e-commerce visits but still lagging when it came to conversion. The change is very rapid and he felt that everyone needs to get better at integrating all platforms.

    Omni channel. There was a general agreement that the old omni channel idea needs to be fully realized in the future. All available channels need to work seamlessly together without necessarily doing the same job, and the Absolut panel member also talked about how new channels need to be developed as old ones evolve and change.

    Customer and staff journeys. At Telia Sweden, they are already using customer and staff journeys to influence the daily work of their entire organization.

    Afterwards, one audience member said: “It was a great session. I especially liked how Telia talked about organizing their offerings more clearly around the lives of their customers, but also how everyone was so focused on service”.

    It seems the future of retail is bright!

    September 04, 2015

    More information:
    Please contact Lisa
    at +46-70 927 52 01
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    Sthlm Tech Fest