• Hello Spain!

    Posted June 21, 2012

    Representing Sweden at the Barcelona Design Week

    Barcelona Design Week 12 is the seventh edition of the international event focused on the intersection of design, innovation and business. Doberman is chosen to be one of the keynote speakers representing Sweden in partnership with Svensk Form and SVID.

    Elin Ankerblad from Doberman will share our thoughts on Swedish design culture and how that can be utilized for service innovation. The Barcelona design week takes place between October 1-5 and Doberman enters the stage on October 3. Hope to see you there!

    June 21, 2012

    Barcelona Design Week

  • Bodine joins Doberman

    Posted March 31, 2014

    Doberman has engaged customer experience expert Kerry Bodine as Experience Strategist & Advisor to support the growing US office.

    Former Forrester Research VP & Principal Analyst Kerry Bodine is joining Doberman to lead and extend Doberman’s capabilities within the fields of Service Innovation and Customer Experience. She joins Doberman’s US operations based in New York City but will serve the firm’s clients worldwide.

    “Doberman is seeing significant growth, and Kerry will be a perfect match for our clients’ increased need for strategic innovation services,” says Anders Frostenson, Managing Director, Doberman New York ”She brings a unique perspective to our firm and to our clients. "

    “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Doberman,” Kerry says. ”Since my early conversations with Doberman I’ve been drawn to the firm’s innovative leadership and collaborative work style. I’m looking forward to combining our respective strengths.”

    In parallel to working with Doberman, Kerry will continue her work as an independent and celebrated author, speaker, educator, and consultant in the field of customer experience.

    About Kerry Bodine:
    Kerry is the co-author of the book Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business. Kerry spent seven years with the customer experience practice at Forrester Research, where she led Forrester’s research on customer experience design and innovation.

    March 31, 2014

    More information
    Please contact Anders
    at +1 646 581 0902
    or send an email

    Kerry Bodine

  • Chairman of Design

    Posted March 06, 2014

    Our CEO will lead the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation.

    SVID, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation is the centre of the Swedish design industry and works to ensure that design is used in all work on innovation and change in Sweden. They operate in the borderland between business, public services and research where they can link together actors, disseminate knowledge and strengthen the potential for development.

    - I’m really happy and proud to become the chairman of SVID, says Lisa. SVID have an important role in communicating and demonstrating how design can improve our society and drive growth in Swedish companies. I look very much forward to start working together with the board and management team on SVID, and to show Sweden and the world how valuable design can be.

    - Lisa’s inspiring entrepreneurship and international success has long been brilliant guiding principles for organizational growth through design, says Robin Edman, CEO of SVID . It will be great to work together with Lisa as chairman and to have her energy, enthusiasm and leadership in our continued work with supporting growth in Swedish companies and organizations.

    The foundation is funded mainly via an annual basic appropriation from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth mandated by the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communication.

    March 06, 2014

    More information
    Please contact Lisa
    at +46 709 275 201
    or send an email


  • Post Hack Day

    Posted February 14, 2014

    Last Friday's Hack Day was a success, for sure; we all had a great time. Here's a brief description of the projects we worked on:

    Clock Radio iOS App
    Erik has been working on this one as a personal project, with some design help from Robert here at Doberman. It’s a basic clock radio app for iOS in which you select one of the stations provided by Sveriges Radio in their API, and pick a wake-up time. Most of his hack time was spent tracking down bugs in the app and tuning the user interface.

    Leap Motion Controlled 3D Pong
    Doberman has had a Leap Motion for a while and Erik wanted to try out its JavaScript API, along with some JavaScript 3D programming. In the game you control your player racket using your hand; you simply close your hand, as if grabbing onto the racket’s handle, and move it sideways to move the racket.

    Using the excellent Firebase API, Jacob and Lars built a rock-paper-scissors tournament game that you play using your phone. When all players are connected, you pick your weapon of choice and shake your phone three times. As simple as it sounds, and even more fun!

    Also using the Firebase API, Peter and Fred built a simple service in which you can connect to a “room” and see the location of you and the other “inhabitants” of that room. Great for tracking down food trucks or just keeping track of where your friends are.

    The task Jens took on was to create a coaching tool for situations where you need to create two or more matching sides for an activity. Based on the participants’ different characteristics, this app aims to be as vital to creating the optimal team balance as a load balancer is to heavy traffic web applications.

    A special thanks to Knackeriet and the nice people there that lent us a space. Here they are:

    – A mobile app for Swedish schools students and teachers

    – Find the best boutique hotels in the world

    – Organizing the world’s outdoor life

    – Browsable audio news

    – Teaching children how to code through gamification

    – Find museums that are popular on Facebook

    – An online tool for event management

    – A Swedish restaurant guide with ratings

    – Online store for second-hand childrens clothes

    – Find a personal platform-independant web-support-guy, targeting small businesses

    – Truly beautiful real time Instagram and Twitter streams

    – A beautiful site for your event

    February 14, 2014

    For more info about the projects we worked on, send Erik an email.