The e-book market was practically non-existent in Sweden when KF Media, one of the largest booksellers in the country, decided to change the situation. They set out to establish the leading Swedish e-book service through their chain of Akademibokhandeln retail stores and Bokus online store.

What we did

Doberman helped KF Media innovate and design their offer. Working in close collaboration, we began by customer journey-mapping both physical and digital interactions to identify key opportunities for how to deliver an excellent service experience. Doberman designed the brand “Dito” and a complete integrated service ecosystem consisting of an online bookstore, and intuitive e-book apps for tablets and smart phones. Doberman also supported KF Media’s staff education program in rolling out the service to stores nationwide.


Dito’s launch, conceived and developed by Doberman, was met by strong media interest at the national book fair in Gothenburg. Dito has defined a new stage for e-books in Sweden and disrupted the market—the launch instantly established Akademibokhandeln and Bokus as Sweden’s largest e-book retailers.

  • “Doberman did not just help us design an exceptional customer experience. They helped us to pole position and a fantastic start in the race to win the Swedish e-book market.” Mattias Fyrenius
    KF Media
  • 50%

    The market share that KF Media instantly gained through the release of Dito


About KF Media
KF Media is a major Swedish media company that includes leading book companies such as the bookstore chain Akademibokhandeln, the online bookstore Bokus and the publishing house Norstedts. 20 to 25 percent of all books in Sweden are sold through one of KF Media’s channels.

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