Boxer wanted to launch a new breed of HD on-demand TV box to meet the need for a more flexible and personalized TV experience. Key to its success would be a solid user experience — which Boxer engaged Doberman to help develop.

What we did

Doberman worked with Boxer to create an elegant user interface that was fully adapted to the users’ non-linear TV-behavior. To create a seamless experience, the design process included everything from development of the information hierarchy and visual interface design to selecting the remote control and naming of remote buttons. We set up a prototype environment at the Doberman office, facilitating a co-creative process with Boxer’s team that included on-going testing throughout the project.


Doberman delivered a completely new user interface concept, along with guidelines that helped Boxer implement the design. Boxer’s HD on-demand box launched in the fall of 2011, and has attracted significant interest from customers.

  • “Our collaboration has been awesome. The process was great, and we appreciated how we were involved all the way and worked together as a team. Dobermans deliveries are always high quality.” - Per Sahlèe
    Project Manager, Boxer.
  • 700.000

    Number of subscribers in Boxers network


About Boxer
Boxer TV-Access AB is Sweden’s leading digital Pay-TV operator in the Swedish digital terrestrial television (DTT) network. Boxer was founded in 1999, has nearly one hundred employees and is owned by digital network operator Teracom.

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