For a major wireless network operator like Yota, the innovation of new services is crucial for global customer acquisition. Yota approached Doberman to help them identify and explore new product and service opportunities by answering: How can their technology matter more?

What we did

The innovation process combined contextual user studies, market research and ideation workshops in an iterative approach. The process shaped an opportunity map that pinpointed potential service themes for how Yota could extend and enhance their offering based on user behavior and cultural insights. Selected concepts where visualized through user stories and design prototypes that helped Doberman and Yota’s management team discuss and evaluate the commercial viability of the concepts in a shared workshop.


Yota uses the confidential prototypes for inspiration, consumer insight and strategic guidance on how it can deliver more value to their future customers.

  • “A lot of effort was put in to analyzing how the new services could be utilized by Yotas customers in their every day life. At the end, that's the only thing that matters.” Elin Ankerblad
    Strategist, Doberman
  • 1 Gbps

    The speed that future 4G networks can provide


About Yota
Yota is a leading Russian telecom operator that offers products and services within their 4G networks worldwide.

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