Elkjöp has a leading position on the Nordic electronics market, with more than 200 stores in five countries under brands such as Elgiganten and Gigantii. But the competition is fierce—the nature of the business is price sensitive, and sales margins are always being pushed. Elkjöp asked Doberman to help identify new ways of offering added value to their customers—which in turn would help them maintain their margins.

What we did

Doberman combined a market study, technological analysis and customer research to gather insight for how a new digital service ecosystem could extend Elkjöp’s offer and support their customers’ needs. Insights were transformed from multiple conceptual ideas to a defined opportunity space and strategy for how the proposition could fit in their brand portfolio.


Doberman helped Elkjöp create visual customer journeys for how digital services could be experienced by their customers and delivered by Elkjöp. Key touch points in the service experience were designed and prototyped. The result now acts as an integral platform for the company’s future business development.

  • “Our role was to help Elkjöp structure their broad array of ideas and objectives and shape them in to one potential service proposition.” Magnus Bergmark
    Account Director, Doberman
  • 1.4

    Billion NOK was the total revenue for Elkjöp during 2010/2011


About Elkjöp
Elkjöp Nordic is the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordic region. The size of their nordic distribution central equals 14 football fields.

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