In 2009, the Swedish pharmacy market was privatized and the old government monopoly, Apoteket, had to compete with other pharmacy chains. Doberman and Apoteket began an even closer collaboration in order to innovate a revolutionary service proposition that would solidify the pharmacy’s unique position and extend their product sales offering.

What we did

Doberman helped Apoteket with input to the business case, mapping of the complete customer journey and design of all digital and physical touch points in the ecosystem. Health specialists were integrated into the design process to help answer a key question: How can Apoteket become a partner in their customers’ ongoing good health? The answer was Apoteket Health Check, a unique in-store and digital service designed to help customers make changes to their everyday lifestyle. Its principle is basic and threefold: A detailed health test at the pharmacy, personal coaching and a web tool for follow-ups.


When Apoteket’s Health Check was launched, it captured national headlines and became the centerpiece of Apoteket’s brand communication. Today, Apoteket’s Health Check is an important B2B offer for Apoteket. The concept owner at Apoteket received Intrapreneur of the Year Award 2010 as well as Social Intapreneur of the Year Award 2011 for her innovation efforts with the Health Check service.

  • “Doberman was involved from the heart. Their passion and their transparent design process were real key factors to the project’s success.” - Marianne Norelius
    Health strategist and project manager, Apoteket AB
  • 102

    Number of pharmacies offering Apoteket's Health Check

  • 100%

    Number of people who responded "Yes" to the question: Would you recommend Apoteket's Health Check to a friend?


About Apoteket
Apoteket AB is the leading pharmacy chain in Sweden, with 365 local pharmacies. It is Apoteket’s goal to be the leading market operator in the future health-care market and to continue to inspire people to live healthier lives.

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