Håkan Helllström is one of Sweden’s top selling artists. To celebrate his 10th anniversary as an artist and support the release of his new album, Håkan and his record label Telegram created a biographical book, designed by Acne, with unique stories, pictures and lyrics from Håkan’s life and career.

What we did

Doberman helped Telegram innovate and design a digital product with the book as the starting point. The main design challenge was to be true to the book and artist. In other words, the experience should not be driven by the intuitive user interface – it should emphasize the true beauty of the content. Doberman designed the iPad app that extends the experience of the book and enables digital sales of Håkan’s music. Content-wise, lyrics were combined with music samples that gave new depth to the stories, and a new section with digitally-exclusive material was added.


The app was an instant success that topped the app charts and gained broad media attention as a glimpse of the future for record labels. It can be purchased at Apple’s app store.

  • “The design idea was to carefully extend and emphasize the beauty of the book and translate that to an interactive experience.” Herman Carlsson
    Designer, Doberman
  • #1

    The app instantly claimed the first place in the book category at the Swedish app store


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