The children programming from SVT has been a central part of their broadcast offering over the years. To act upon this heritage SVT aimed to establish a new web service offering for the young audience. To fuel the service concept, Doberman was engaged to help SVT perform a broad insight process with the aim to identify key needs and behavior in children, ages 3-11.

What we did
Early on we identified that the study must not only harvest the right answers, it should also establish a toolbox and empathy culture at SVT that can improve their long-term ability to connect with their users. SVT participated in the research activities where the methodology ranged from behavioral observations and contextual interviews to collaborative creative exercises. To materialize the insights a design exploration was integrated in the process to test ideas and prototype solutions on the go.

The insights and tested ideas formed the basis for a re-design of SVT’s online offering to children. This concept is now being designed and implemented by SVT. Behind the stage, SVT has with the help of Doberman established an approach for how to relate to their users beyond statistics.

  • “Children follow no rules. As designers we were forced to challenge ourselves to evaluate and innovate the research methodology. ” Tove Blomgren
    Design Director, Doberman
  • 150 000

    Unique daily visitors, making it Sweden's most popular kid's site


About SVT
SVT is the Swedish public service television company with over 50 years of history. SVT is Sweden’s largest TV company.

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